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The Kyle Bruton Foundation, a non-profit organization, was established in 2015 in memory of our son, Kyle. In 2010, at just eleven years old, Kyle passed away from complications associated with a rare genetic disorder, Chromosome 18q minus. Kyle’s larger than life personality touched thousands of people and taught lessons that will not soon be forgotten on life, unconditional love and what is truly important in this world. This Foundation has been a labor of love for us and our daughter Halli, as well as many family members.

We know firsthand the everyday stress and fear that comes with having a child that is in and out of the hospital, traveling out of town to specialty doctor’s appointments, needing special supplies and equipment at home, and to top it all off…figuring out how to pay for it all in order to keep Kyle as healthy as possible.  We have experienced the generosity of many local agencies and felt called to give back to other families in need.

There are so many families, needs, and services that are not currently covered by insurance or other area agencies. We hope that the Foundation will touch half as many lives as Kyle did, if that’s even possible. Currently we are focusing on assisting families and children in the Springfield, Missouri metro area, but one day hope to expand our reach to a greater area. 

- Jim & Angela Bruton


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